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Nov 19, 2009 5:00am EST
weapons program. the united states will support economic assistance and help promote its full integration into the community of nations. >> earlier today, president barack obama talked with allies about fresh punishment against iran for efforts to hold its nuclear weapons pursuits. also at today's meeting, the president addressed his commitment to resolving the free trade agreement between the united states and south korea. president obama is now back on his way to washington. >>> dl lawyers poured over dozens of motions yesterday as the defense and prosecution get ready to make closing arguments today. >> reporter: good morning, megan, closing arguments are set to begin at 9:00 this morning. the jury could start deliberating just before lunch. it was a short day in court yesterday. the defense rested its case an hour after court began. the last to testify was dixon's pastor, reverend frank reid. he characterized her as trustworthy and forthright. as you may recall on tuesday, the judge threw out two of the seven counts against the mayor. the judge must explain to the jury today what they
Nov 11, 2009 5:00am EST
is a closer look at the number of veterans right here in the united states. according the u.s. veteran's administration. we have more than 23 million veterans. more than 6 million of them are 45 and older. and nearly 2 million are younger than the age of 35. >>> it's 5:15 right now and the cold season is upon us. we are all watching for symptoms like fever in our kids. but these days there dozens of thermometers on the shelves. you have to know which one is best for your family. >>> this mother was very worried when her son came council with a bug. >> he had a stomach flu, we didn't know what it was. >> she tried almost all thermometers. >> we would try each one every time he got sick. when it didn't work he tried another one. there there are so many options out there. the nia is conducting a test to determine the accuracy of all of the different thermometers. when it comes to digital devices choosing one has more to do with the age. >> the most act sate a rectal thermometer on a six month old or older. but it's perfectly fine to do an under arm thermometer. >> reporter: although exper
Nov 6, 2009 5:00am EST
shot and killed at the base. that has since changed. it is the worst mass shooting ever since a united states base has ever opened up. linda so joins us with new developments that have taken place overnight. linda? >> reporter: military officials rated the suspect's -- raided the suspect's apartment looking for reasons why he did this crime. surveillance video shows major nadal ma league hassan hours before the shooting. the matsch -- that dawrl malik hassan hours before the shooting. the man is seen carrying a beverage and dressed in traditional arab garb. the shooting happened in the readiness center where soldiers were getting final medical checks before deployment. all of the soldiers whoer with killed were headed to iraq. u.s. army officials initially said the suspect was shot and killed. turns out, he is alive at a hospital on the base. the mass shooting has devastated military families. >> we don't know what's going on and it's stressful. >> i don't believe for a second that a soldier could do this to another soldier. >> reporter: a lot of questions are being asked this morning
Nov 24, 2009 5:00am EST
the largest crib recall in the united states history. let's get right to sherrie johnson with the details on what you need to know. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. government safety regulators say more than two million dropside cribs are being recalled. the consumer product safety commission says it involves more than one million recalls in the u.s. and one million in canada, where the company is based. nearly 150,000 of the cribs carry the fisher price logo. the agency is wear of the deaths of four children that suffocated from the lift that moves up and down. >> the hardware can crack, a depression is made in the bed, the head gets caught in the depression and the baby can strangle and die. >> reporter: this latest recall involves dropside cribs manufactured between january 1993 and october 2009. the store craft cribs have had problems with hard waish which can break -- hardware which can break. sherrie johnson, abc2 news. >>> several people are recovering after an mta bus went down an embankment. it was in whitemarsh. there were four to five passengers on the bus. once crew
Nov 25, 2009 5:00am EST
jennifer hudson and the united states marine band. >>> it is 5:15. here are some that caught our eyes. a nuns were out grocery shopping and got approached by a man asking for help. he tells them he needs food. they refer him to a shelter. then he moves in and swipes sister gabriel's purse. >>> a teen has spent the last two years in the hospital is finally home. her special home coming was made possible by a famous mutation. exactly two years ago today, the 19-year-old developed a condition that brought on a series of medical issues including seizures that actually caused her to be paralyzed. she'd been living in a hospital, but not more. >> we basically built a whole new wing of the house and put down wood floors for her so she can get around. >> recognize him without all the hair? it's bon jovi guitarist ricky sambora. helped raise money to renovate the home to meet the teen's needs. now she can get around her own home without any restrictions. >>> tyler perry donated $1 million to the naacp. perry says the perseverance of thousands helped pave the way for his success in the film ind
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5